Big Lebowski in an animated gif

One of the small challenges of the #DS106 MOOC is to create an animated gif from one of your favourite movies.

Of course one movie just won the battle in my head: The Big Lebowski. What a rich and creative movie!

How did I made an animated gif out of a movie file?

  1. I searched “animated gif generator from video”.
  2. I tried a first site. You could upload an MPEG. So I looked on YouTube for some footage, downloaded it with Keepvid, cut a few seconds within QuickTime, exported that part, uploaded it on the site. It worked but it turned out to be very hard to define the right part.
  3. I tried a second site: memecenter. That worked great: just put in a link to e.g. YouTube. Define starting and endpoint. Save as .gif. You can even add text etc. The only small back-draw is the text Memecenter on the buttom.



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Participation in MOOC about digital storytelling

I came across a very nice site. It is a MOOC (see for an explanion of this type of online course the lemma @ wikipedia) about digital storytelling. This was the second MOOC I participated in. The first was from Google about searching.

You can find more information about this course on storytelling on the website:
I’m looking forward to learn and participate in this great initiative!

Best regards,

Marcel de Leeuwe

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