Participation in MOOC about digital storytelling

I came across a very nice site. It is a MOOC (see for an explanion of this type of online course the lemma @ wikipedia) about digital storytelling. This was the second MOOC I participated in. The first was from Google about searching.

You can find more information about this course on storytelling on the website:
I’m looking forward to learn and participate in this great initiative!

Best regards,

Marcel de Leeuwe

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5 Responses to Participation in MOOC about digital storytelling

  1. Jim Groom says:

    Welcome to ds106, can I recommend you start with an animated GIF from your favorite film:

    It does the creative juices good. There are tutorials for GIMP here:

    And Photoshop here:

    And once again welcome to ds106, be seeing you #6!

  2. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hello, Marcel!

    It is good that you are going to be creative with #ds106. An animated GIF is a good thing to make. Jim Groom makes them sometimes, unless he his having his Art Lack period. Which is kind of like when he doesn’t make any Art, even GIFs. But he has been writing a lot of cool things on his blog, like Mario Bava scary movies stuff. But he also had a major Art Lack. 😉

    So I wrote a post for my new Friends called Some Advice for My Newest Friends which you can read if you decide that you might like to be my Friend. Or even if you don’t. But you probably will. I am all about Friends and it is better to be my Friend than to NOT be my Friend. If you know what I mean. And don’t say the Mean Word about me.

    Well, bye!

  3. Jim Groom says:

    As you can see, my life now consists of being harassed by a doll. Things have gotten significantly worse since EDUPUNK.

  4. iamTalkyTina says:

    Hello again, Marcel! It is me, your new Friend @iamTalkyTina here.

    I already said some advice to you in my earlier comment, so now I am bugging you about another thing now. It is called Twitter. My True Friend UNCLE @jimgroom uses it to smack talk his students so that they like him better. I call him UNCLE @jimgroom to remind him that he said “UNCLE” to me. But it is an endearment, and he enjoys the attention!

    Do you have your Twitter set up yet? I do not have your Twitter on my #headless13 Friends Index. Twitter is a good way to ask questions and find out what is going on in the #ds106 community. Just search for the #ds106 tag in your Twitter client. You will see lots of things are happening!

    Well, bye!

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